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Education and Research

Enhance the sustainability of your business and winemaking practices through education and research.  The sustainability of the Washington Wine Industry as a whole is based on the individual wineries achieving sustainability and producing good quality wines, free of faults.  Through research and education, industry members can learn, teach, and promote sustainable practices to produce high quality wine.  

Education through reading industry publications, attending workshops and continuing education courses, as well as simply talking with and interacting with others involved in winemaking are ways to stay abreast of new findings, new techniques, or enhancing basic knowledge in order to build a higher quality and more sustainable winery.  

Research through attending scientific meetings, reading technical bulletins and newsletters, contacting academic researchers, conducting your own winemaking research, and trying new methods to produce higher quality wine and become more sustainable are essential to staying current, competitive, and sustainable.  Winemaking research is ongoing in Washington State.  It is an essential part of the growth, improvement, and recognition of the Washington State wine industry. 

Sustainability in this area involves taking a proactive approach to education and research by 1) identifying areas in which you can improve your knowledge base, and 2) verifying what you know and then sharing that information with others. 

Winerywise provides tools to help you become more sustainable in the following areas: 

  • Enhancing education to improve the sustainability of winemaking and business practices
  • Assuring and improving wine quality
  • Utilizing research to improve winemaking and business practices


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