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Staffing, Safety, and Human Resources

Recruiting, developing, and retaining highly qualified employees, promoting a safe work environment, and building positive employee relations, are all critical to sound sustainable business strategies.  The impact of these practices play a major role in the level of productivity, quality, competitive advantage, innovation, liability, and profitability of the winery. 

Winerywise provides tools to help you determine what you need to know about sustainable staffing, safety, and HR as well as, help you identify areas where improvements can be made. 

  • Establishing a mission, values, and practices incorporating sustainable principles.
  • Assessing recruitment, skills development, and retention of staff.
  • Assessing safety practices and employee training.
  • Assessing company culture for creating positive employee relations.
  • Assessing compliance with labor and employment laws.
  • Identifying and correcting factors that reduce the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of production processes.
  • Improving sustainable practices in staffing, safety, and HR.  
In 2009 Winerywise, through the Washington Wine Industry Foundation (WWIF), partnered with the University of Washington Department of Occupational and Health Sciences to develop a Health and Safety Manual for Washington wineries.  The research and development of this manual was made possible through a Washington State Department of Labor and Industries SHIP grant (SHIP stands for Safety & Health Investment Projects).  This manual was developed as a publicly accessible web site, and contains safety programs and forms developed specifically for the safety needs of our wineries.  The web site can be accessed at

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