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Waste Management

Every process step in winemaking generates some waste that requires proper management in order to minimize downstream impact.  Wineries are in a unique position because much of the solid waste generated - pomace, lees, cardboard, paper, corks, plastics, wood, and glass can be reused or recycled. 

Conserving natural resources and energy by managing your winery's solid waste materials more efficiently generates a host of environmental, financial, and social benefits including dramatically reducing your winery's energy use and carbon footprint. 

The practices of reducing, reusing, reclaiming, and recycling are vital to sustainability. 

Source reduction is the preferred solid waste management practice.  Efforts to prevent the generation of waste in the first place greatly benefit the environment.  Preferred purchasing practices are essential to minimize solid waste associated with the inputs you buy. 

Reusing items when possible by repairing, donating, or selling also reduces waste.  Reusing items requires no reprocessing and thus is preferred over recycling. 

Recycling solid waste materials your winery generates can transform waste into a valuable resource.  Practices such as converting bio-mass waste to energy or fuel can greatly benefit your waste management program. 

Winerywise provides evaluation tools to help you determine what you need to know about solid waste management.  Learning how your solid waste impacts the environment, what inputs go into creating and transporting the waste products, and the potential reduction, reuse, or recyclability of the waste will aid your winery in planning and implementing more sustainable practices. 

  • Establishing a solid waste management program
  • Assessing the types and quantities of solid waste generated and disposed of
  • Employee training in solid waste management
  • Improving your solid waste management program



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